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09, january 2005 -
I made considerable updates to the Anatomy, Physiology and Help the Tiger pages. I also made minor updates to other pages as well.I'm still looking for a new affiliate program that will pay this website for banner clicks, if you know of one, please e-mail me!

12, September 2004 -
Still looking for a new affiliate program, if you know of one, please e-mail me! I updated the Anatomy Page and the Physiology pages. I'll definitely add pictures in the next update.

09, May 2004 -
Thanks to EVERYONE who helped out by clicking on the Goto clink that generated $0.02/click. Unfortunately, they have stopped the program so I took off the link. I'm currently looking into other affiliate programs. If you know of a good one, please let me know! I updated the Help the Tiger page, the Anatomy Page and the Physiology pages. I plan on adding pictures in the next update.

30, December 2003 -
Made a considerable update this time. I updated the Help the Tiger page, the Articles Page, the Anatomy Page and the Physiology pages. Unfortunately, couldn't get anymore pictures during my last trip so there are no new pictures in the "Info from India" page.

27, July 2003 -
Unfortunately, this isn't a big update. I updated the Help the Tiger page, the Pictures and Media and the Physiology pages. This Saturday, I'm leaving for India for three weeks and will hopefully bring back some interesting stuff to put on the webpage.

12, January 2003 -
My site statistics show that approximately 95% of all visitors have a screen resolution of 800 X 600; therefore I'm temporarily abandoning the higher resolution. The current bibliography can now been found on the bottom of the Index Page.

05, January 2003 -
In the "Help the Tiger" page, I've added some more information on how you can help tigers. Also added more information to the "Anatomy", and "Current Articles" pages. Made a new page called, "Sources" which will have references to where the information on this website is located. Additionally, till this updated, this website has been optimized for a 800 X 600 resolution. It is now optomized for a 1152 X 864 minimum reolution for best viewing experience.

10, November 2002 -
Sorry about the severe lack of updates at the site; life's keeping me very occupied. A sincere thanks to all those who have helped raise money toward saving wild tigers. Pretty soon we'll be over $1000.00! Updated the "Help the Tiger", and the FAQ pages. During Christmas break I'll have time to do a more comprehensive update.

02, April 2002 -
Updated the "Physiology", "White Tigers", and "Help the Tiger" links. Also added one of the screensavers that was previously removed from the site. I've noticed tripod is now putting up two banners on the webpages, I'm sorry about that (nothing I can do about it).

06, January 2002 -
Not a big update this time. I'm currently trying to make a transition to slowly move my site to I deleted both quicktime tiger clips and added three mpeg tiger clips. Also updated the 'Physiology' and 'Anatomy' pages; hopefully information people are looking for will be more easy to find on the website as it gets more structured. I also updated the 'Current Articles', and the 'Help the Tigers' pages. We've raised ~$320.00 now! thanks to all those you helped out and e-mailed me.

16, September 2001 -
Sorry for the delay in the update, other responsibilities had me tied up and I was also in India till last week. I would also like to mention that the terrorist attacks were very upsetting and disheartening; but we'll win in the end.
I'm currently trying to make the site more user friendly since I still get questions concerning topics that are already on the site. I revised the 'Physiology' and 'Help the tiger' pages and added a page on tiger anatomy. Soon I'll delete the old quicktime movie clips and replace them with different mpeg clips. I'll also get more pictures up soon since people enjoy seeing them.

06, May 2001 -
Basically everything has been changed. All pages have been updated with changes varying from moderate to drastic alterations. There's now a map showing the location of tiger preserves in India (in the 'Help the Tiger' link). I have enough webspace to host one of the screensavers, so that's now currently up. I hope to be moving to a new url that will get us better exposure in the coming months (I'll keep that information on the main page (Index Page).

18, February 2001 -
I'm currently re-doing the website by adding recent information, changing the organization of the website and creating a new outlook. Hopefully I'll have most of it done by the next update in May. As usual, I added more information to the 'Physiology' page; I tend to get several e-mails in this topic. I also added many new articles in the 'Current Articles' page, updated the 'Help the Tiger' Page, the 'Pictures and Sounds' Page, and the 'Index' Page. Google ended their affiliate program so their link is gone. Also, is currently restructuring their affiliate program, so I've temporarily removed that link. We are now affiliates with I'll acquire and add maps, pictures, specific information and other wanted things in the next update, thanks for your support.

26, November 2000 -
In an effort to raise more money, Project Tiger-USA now is an affiliate with By signing up for a free e-mail account (which only takes 30 seconds), $0.20 will go toward the cause. The physiology page has been updated with more information (including white Bengal tiger facts). New pictures have been added to the 'Pictures and Sounds' page and the zip file containing pictures has been updated. The 'HELP THE TIGER' page has been updated and information on the Melghat Tiger Preserve is now available here.

18, September 2000 -
About a month ago, I became an affiliate with Google. For every search that is conducted in the Google search box, (US) $0.03 will be paid to Project Tiger-USA. Other updates to the site include: I removed the WWF Newsletter articles; finally added the second video clip of a tiger commentary; updated the "Help the Tiger" page, added new pics to the "Pictures & Sounds" page. I also updated the 'Physiology' page with more information.

22, May 2000 -
Exams are over so the update is finally here. First off, the non-profit organization is all set up. If you're interested in contributing, please go to the "Help the Tiger Page" to learn more. Major additions have been made to the "General Information" page as well as the "Stories from India" Pages. The "Photos and Sounds" and "Multimedia" pages were also updated. I'm also changing the outlook of the page, other changes will follow in the future.

12, March 2000 -
Added quite a bit of info to the "General Information" page. I'll continue to update this page with new information. Made lots of changes to the current situation page; I re-formated it and added lots of new information to it. I also scanned a new picture in the Picture/Sounds page (three cubs - 85.7Kb). Check out the new info in the "HELP THE TIGER" link. Also, if you try to e-mail me, you'll first be taken to an FAQ page (chances are you're question will immediately be answered here. (Note: we've reached the 50,000 hit mark!)

09, January 2000 -
Just came back from India, so I'll try to get new tiger pics up soon (I took two roles worth of photographs). Oh yeah, happy new year (not 'millenium' as many blindly believe so due to mass media). Finally added the movie clip of the infant tiger that was given to me. I also received another movie clip that I'll get up soon. Also added a "General Information" page to satisfy everyone's questions and desire for info. As soon as I write some facts up, I'll upload it to the page.

02, November 1999 -
Added new information in the "Current Situation" page. It consists of a couple of scanned articles from the WWF newsletter. Also updated the "Get Involved" page and added more pics to the zip file in the pictures page. In the next update, I'll have some more stuff including a video clip that has two infant tigers, one of which is climbing on her mother's face (very cute).

14, September 1999 -
The site has changed a bit physically including two new webrings I'm now members of. I have started adding pictures that I've scanned and will be adding more on a periodic basis. The 'pictures and sounds page' has been drastically edited along with the 'Indian' page. Also added new information for 1998 in the "Current Situation" page and updated the "GET INVOLVED" page.

17, June 1999 -
I've just moved to this server becuase of the constant advertising Geocities did on my site, therefore some things may be screwy for a while (email me any problems). Due to request, I've decided to add a What's New feature plus rotated some pictures and added some new ones in the "Pictures and Sounds link". Also, new information (for 1996) is available in the Current Situation link. I modified the page on the Indian tiger story plus added an extra picture. Also added a counter on June sixth.