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(most recent ones are last)
Pictures that I scanned (Some will work as wallpapers)

43.57 Kb

177 Kb

80.41 Kb

135.70 Kb

85.7 Kb

55.3 Kb

152.15 Kb

160.38 Kb

'Reality' Pictures that I scanned

56.97 Kb

129.85 Kb

Some More Pics

52.00 Kb

93.38 Kb

141.62 Kb

143.27 Kb

126.31 Kb


Here's a zip file of 80 tiger pictures that I compiled. All but three of the pictures are in .jpg format and range in size from 6Kb to 82Kb. (.ZIP - 2.61 Mb - updated 27, July 2003)

Sounds of the Tiger:
Sounds of the Tiger:
A Threat - wav, 27Kb
Prustin - wav, 41Kb
A Moan - wav, 18Kb
A Second Moan - wav, 38.7Kb
A Roar - wav, 73Kb
"Noise #1" - wav, 116Kb
"Noise #2" - wav, 28Kb
A cub - wav, 21.4Kb
A Growl - wav, 22.1Kb
A Second Growl - wav, 20.9Kb

Here is a quality Desktop theme, TigerTiger by Nekbyters Themes n Schemes. It features a tiger format that includes a beautiful tiger wallpaper, icons, cursors, animated cursors, WAV sounds, and system startup and shut down screens. It's 1.52Mb and here is a preview.

These screensaver programs are fairly easy to use and install. Just click the file you want and unzip it once the file is done downloading. Open up the extension file (*.exe) and the Screensaver will automatically install itself. You can then set images as wallpapers by double clicking the photo thumbnail.
Bengal Tiger (1.66Mb)
White Bengal Tiger (2.38Mb)
Second White Bengal Tiger (1.16Mb)

Movie Clips
  • clip01 A tiger climbing a tree (.mpeg - 1.7Mb - 11sec.).
  • clip02 A large tiger yawning (.mpeg - 904kb - 5sec.).
  • clip03 A another tiger yawn (.mpeg - 942Kb - 7sec.).

    Animated Gifs
  • Taken from the web.