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The notion that in the end, everyone will do their part to save the tigers is wrong. Only by taking action in to your own hands, will the tigers (and all wildlife) have a chance. Some analysts predict that tigers may go extinct within 50 years. If this happens, not only will a beautiful animal be lost forever, but chances that other conservation attempts will fail (such as the Amazon rain forest and the black rhinoceros of Africa).

Money raised since 17, July 2000: approximately $900.00!
If you'd like to help this site, you can...
1. Make a contribution. - donation form.
We've started a non-profit organization called, Project Tiger - USA Inc. which is registered as a non-profit organization under the laws of Michigan, USA. There are two things that separates this non-profit endeavor from all others.

  • First, unlike ALL commercial funds that you see, 100% of the money of this will go to the tigers. There are no employees, marketing costs, or any other expenses. My family goes to India several times a year and all the funds will go toward needed supplies to help wild tigers.
  • The second distinction is that the funds will exclusively go to the Melghat Project-Tiger Reserve in India instead of diluting the funds in several locations.
    Information on the Melghat Tiger Preserve.
    More information on the Melghat Tiger Preserve with tables/charts.

    Here is the donation form. If you need more information, please feel free to e-mail me.
    A map showing the location of the Melghat Tiger Preserve.

    Currently looking for new affiliates... stay tuned!

    Note: About 10% of the people who visit this site click on the link.
    These companies DO MONITOR FOR FRAUDULENT ATTEMPTS to artificially inflate click-throughs, so please do not do this.

    3. Recommend this site to friends/relatives/coworkers and web search engines.
    The primary reason this site was created for is to educate people of the severity concerning the future of the Bengal tiger. Therefore, I want people to be able to access the information contained here. If you like what you see, tell your friends and relatives, even your coworkers about my site. Also, if you're aware of a search engine that doesn't have this website in its index, please let me know so I can submit the website to their index. One of the best reasons to gain knowledge is to share it with others!

    4. If you have a website, place a link to my website on it.
    Even if you feel that your website doesn't generate a lot of traffic, you're still providing a means for people to learn of the tiger's plight. If only one person ever clicks on that link, then that's one more person who'll be educated about the tiger's endangered status.

    Other Ways to Help

    You can start a petition to raise awareness of the tiger's endangerment and put pressure on politicians. Large organizations/nations like the World Bank, USA, Large Oil corporations have significant influence on how policy and use of land in other countries is used. For example in 2001, the World Bank was criticised for supporting development in India which would jeapordize habitats that tigers lived in. Enron, till it's publicized fraud and bankruptcy, supported habitat destruction in India for energy utilization. In fact in 2001, USA vice-president Dick Cheney went to India in support of Enron.
    Through a petition, we can inform our government representatives that such actions DO NOT represent the voice of the people and to stop engaging in such actions. Here is a petition that I made, you can fill in the blanks and adjust it to your needs!

    I've had people contact me with the desire to go to India and help preserve tigres personally. If you'd like to get in touch with someone who can arrange this, just e-mail me and I'll forward you the appropriate information.

    The most crucial aspect of saving tigers is EDUCATION! If people are not aware that tiger's are endangered and might become extinct within a couple of decades, no one will care. If you have to present a report or do research on something... chose the TIGER and educate people about their plight. That is the key reason why I started this webpage, to educate people on tigers! If more people are educated, then more help and support will be generated.