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Articles on the Tiger's Situation

  • The United States Department of Agruculture's (USDA) position on large/wild animals as pets.

  • Hundreds Begin Massive Tiger Count in India 14, January 2004

  • Tiger Population Stabilizes in India's Sunderbans 15, December 2001

  • A Review of the Worldwide Trade in Tiger BoneAugust 1994

    Times of India

  • In Chinese medicine, tiger goes to dogs 31, November 1999
  • Tigers Thrive in Bandipur Sanctuary 03, November 1999
  • How safe is Bannerghatta for tigers? 31, November 1999
  • WWF tiger project not scrapped: Govt 14, November 1999

  • Killing Them Softly - World Bank Development Projects Push Indian Tigers to the Brink. By Jennifer Scarlott.

  • An article from Time Magazine (Sept. 1999) concerning human pressures on tigers.

  • Information from late 1998 concerning the need for Cooperation to save the Bengal tiger.

  • The 1998 census for the tiger.

  • Here is some general information. (author?)

    Domestic Articles

  • Ninety Dead Tigers Found at Calif. Cat Rescue Home 24, April 2003
  • Tiger, Alligator Found in N.Y. Apartment 05, October 2003