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Pune, India

Here's a true story concerning a tiger cub in Pune, India (has several nice pictures).

These three tigers live in an animal reserve in Peshwe Park, Pune, India. They don't keep the tiger's together since breeding of tiger's in parks has been temporarily ceased and the risk of a fight breaking out between them (tigers are mostly solitary). The tigers are constantly being rotated from cages to the courtyard so they all get a chance to relax in larger surroundings. Breeding has been stopped since in Indian parks and reserves since there are several tigers. Unfortunately, these tigers CANNOT be rehabilitated for the wild since it's rarely successful. Therefore, breeding of tigers in captivity does NOT solve the problem of the tiger's endangered status since captive tigers lose their insticts, learned hunting ability, and the ability to compete in the wild.

  • This tiger was born in 3, February 1997. Her sibiling's name is Super and also resides in Peshwe Park (part of the same litter). Super had a root canal a couple of years ago which costs a substantial amount of money (on-site X-Ray plus procedure).

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  • This white Bengal tiger was brought to Peshwe Parkin 1990. He was born on 6, May 1989 and is quite big (~600 lbs.) and aggressive. I have never an animal more powerful than this one in my life. While photographing him, he constantly vibrated the room with his roaring.

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  • This female white Bengal tiger was born on 12, September 1991. There isn't much info on her. Unlike the white tiger above, she's very passive.

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